About Us

Woof With Luv is a platform purely for the dogs you have, and have had, loved, cherished and unfortunately lost. They say, once you have experienced the love of a dog, you can never live without one. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. A tribute, then, is the least we can do for them, for the undying, unconditional love we are bestowed with.

I have always had the good fortune of being surrounded by dogs, and always wanted a platform to write about them – to tell the world about the difference they have made in my life, and just how much I have learned from them. I never found a platform, and decided to make one of my own for all the dogs out there, and the dog lovers, to indulge.

A tribute, Google says, is an act, statement or gift intended to show gratitude, respect or admiration.

I invite you to write to me about your dogs, and to give me an opportunity to tell the world about them.

With love,

Woof With Luv.