JerryName: Jerry Joshi

Master: (Member of) Rupal and Parag Joshi’s family

Age: Six years.

Siblings: Two human brothers and one Labrador named Brownie.

Food Choices: Vegetarian food only, except eggs. Loves fruits, especially apples and bananas. Since his recent illness, has taken to eating beet and carrot to increase his hemoglobin!

Favourite People: In order of preference: Mom (Rupal ). If she is around, everyone else is part of furniture. Next is whichever kid happens to be home. Finally, me.

Nature: Not very extrovert. Says hello to visitors (a decently timed sniff and a polite wag of the stub-tail) and then retires to his corner. He likes to bark ferociously at the neighbor’s Rottweiler whenever he passes by; ditto for monkeys. Sleeps with us in our bedroom. Snores louder than me!

Recent story: While he was allowed to sleep in our room, I never allowed him to climb on our bed. He would look at me angrily and bark in objection. But I would never relent. Then last month, he suddenly fell very sick. He got Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia, a condition we later discovered Cocker Spaniels are prone to. His platelete count dropped to 5,000 from 200,000, and his hemoglobin went to 2.7 from 16. At one point the vet told us that he was not going to make it.

That traumatic phone call from the vet had us all in tears, including our cook and maid. We decided that we would not give up on him so easily and continued his treatment. He responded well and is now back to normal. After that I realized how much the little bugger meant to me, and so now , he is allowed to climb onto our bed. He likes to snuggle between mom and me, and sometimes during the night , goes off to his own bed on the floor!

Author: Parag Joshi

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  • Jerry is an adorable darling. Parag you being a passionate photographer have brought out the best in Jerry. Its so nice to read about Jerry and would love to meet him too.

  • Anonymous says

    In order of preference: Mom (Rupal ). If she is around, everyone else is part of furniture. <– This line made me laugh my ass out.

    I hope he's doing fine now. :) :D

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