Love at First Sight: Renaming labs as Love-adore

lazy sundayI am an animal lover, specially dogs, and no, not because they are man’s best friend and its too cool to have a pet, but because their love for us is immeasurable. I always wanted a dog. More so, since I was 12 years old, but my family was was never keen on keeping one because “it is too much of a task taking care of a dog”. So, my wish to have a dog remained a dream till I was 18 years old.

As soon as I turned 18, a few months into feeling grown and responsible, I decided it was time to get a dog. I WAS old enough to take care of it myself, wasn’t I?

When I went to get find myself a pup, I saw this beautiful two-month-old black Labrador in front of me. I was in love instantly. I picked him up and felt the bliss of having him in my life. This beautiful, soft little ball of fur had touched my heart. He was the runt of the litter. But I had to have him.

The first day I got him home, he let small puppy puddles on my carpet. He smelt like puppy breath and he was confused in the new surroundings. As if things weren’t bad enough for the little minion, I tied a huge red bow around his neck. I gently touched his ears, paws, and wiggly body. He slurped my chin, happily, and snuggled against my neck with his cold nose.

A Rover By Any Other Name Smells Just as Doggie: Now came the confusing part. All of us fumble at naming our dogs, but to be honest it wasn’t too difficult for me. I had a name ready, and he was going to be called Boozo. Every time one of us at home called out to him, he would come running.

Boozo’s scrapbook:

His Favorite Toy: A red ball

His Favorite Treat: Tomatoes and Parle-G biscuits

Favorite place to nap: Anywhere!

Cutest trick: Peeling the bananas with his teeth before he eats

Naughtiest thing he did: Troubling and barking at the street vendors if they didn’t give him bananas and tomatoes (for free) :P

Most Outrageous thing ever done for him/her: Created his account on Orkut for him and he actually had over 200 friends.

What My Dog Taught Me: Boozo was a wise old soul in a dog’s suit. Okay, maybe he’s was an old clown’s soul; less Mother Theresa, more Chuckles the Clown. He did, however, teach me endlessly about unconditional love. Boozo never gave a hoot if I was pretty, ugly, smart or dumb, gave him gifts, spent time whole day with him or just half an hour, drive an old beater or just walked him at the end of a long day - he loved me, he loved us, with all his heart.

Labradors should be called Love-adore, I think!

My only message for Boozo: RIP Boozo. From two months to 11 years you have been our best friend. You lived your life to the fullest and, in the end, you rested in peace. We wish you the best for your next birth and pray whatever you become, wherever you go and whatever you do, we hope the goodness of your soul is carried forward with you. We love you very much, and we will miss you forever! Thank you for being a part of our life and now the sweetest memory we could ask for. May your soul rest in peace. Love you lots. Xoxo

Kena Jadeja, through her tribute, gave us the idea of ‘Slambooks’ for dogs. You remember slambooks, don’t you? Fill your slambook for your dog here.


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