Milo – Our hopping, galloping bundle of joy

Milo2Day Date he was born: 9th March, 2013.
came home: 2nd May, 2013.
My name: Milo.
My master: Vidya & Manan Desai.
My favorite toy: Winnie the Pooh.
My favorite treat: Boneless Chicken.

My favorite place to nap: Beneath mumma’s warm winter quilt.

Cutest trick: As i bend down on my knees, Milo will run towards me and start licking my cheek as if i’d asked for a kiss.

Naughiest thing he’s ever done: We’d gone to a friends place. They have eleven month old Golden Retriever who was chewing on a huge toy bone. Both of them hated each other. So much of growling and barking that we had to separate them. We shifted the Retriever to the kennel on the terrace and Milo to the living from. Milo went around the house sniffing, found the toy bone the Retriever was chewing and he peed on it. We laughed hard on his act of revenge.

Most outrageous thing done: He was left among few pups to be comfortable with other dogs. There were three pugs and Milo, a Miniature Pinscher. The pugs where playing, jumping around and attacking. This was Milo’s first encounter with dogs of other breeds. Eventually, the pugs started pouncing on him with their claws. Brave Milo started fighting and defending himself. He was so aggressive, the chase and the growls, that pugs ran away from him.

What my dog taught me: No matter how much you got the scolding for your wrong doings. Come back wagging your tail with innocence in the face and loving gesture without any inhibitions. You will always be accepted with smiles.

Message for him: Milo, with the bond we share, the love is unconditional. But you have all rights to know that, “You are Adopted”.  Jokes apart, when he wakes me up with his cuddles and licks, thats the energy booster for a kickass day.

Author: Vidya Janakiraman

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