Hello Folks. .
Cookie is my name,
Playing ball is my favourite game,
I love barking,
Be it night, evening or morning

I am a boxer female
With the most expressive eyes and a cropped tail
A very long tongue, makes everyone around me tease,
This is our most adorable defective piece

In my family, I was the first dog to come aboard.
And that’s why I am pampered to the core
I am loved, spoilt and have been given everything,
That’s the reason why I can get away with anything

When I came to my master’s, I gave them happiness
But soon my life became a painful stress
I fell sick but soon recovered,
With all the care and love they showered

As I grew, my sickness came time and again
I was operated on now and then
Life for me was not a pleasurable pack
Everyone often wondered why I had to go through hell and back

But no matter what, they all love me
I’ll always be their darling Cookie
I’ll always be their best companion and faithful friend
And I’ll remain that way – TILL MY END

Cookie was with Vinita’s family from June 10, 2001 till July 31, 2009.

Author: Vinita Patil

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