For Spotty

I’m a cat person. I can’t stand dogs. I hate how messy they are and how they are in constant need of attention.

Obviously, you’ll want to know what I’m doing writing on a site that’s a dog lover’s haunt. This story is about a dog. More like a cat in a dog’s body. It’s about Spotty.

My best friend and neighbour, Kamna, had a mangy stray bitch called Chutti. She was the kindest, happiest dog you ever met. Ever so silent and thoughtful, Chutti would make sure she’d shower you with love every time you visited.

Chutti had litters after litters of puppies, most of which never made it past a few weeks at most. Kids that we were, we’d name the pups Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and their likes (Kajol or Kajal was always the darkest pup we could find, dark as kohl)

When I was about 10, Chutti produced a litter that was destined to be different. In our guts we knew it and we named the pups to suit the occasion. There was Halo and then there was Spotty.

Instantly, I fell in love with the pup named Spotty. He had white fur with brown splotches over him and he was the quietest dog I’d ever met.

He’d wag his tail like it was possessed when he saw me and would clamour to have his head patted.

Unlike his sibling Halo, Spotty would not bark at you for no reason or make a mess. He knew Kamna liked to have her hand licked by him and I didn’t. Meeting Spotty after school had become something that I looked forward to everyday.

He had grown up to be a fine young dog; Spotty was more feline than canine. He was neat and clean, more so than normal dogs. He would rather be left alone than play around with Halo.

It was his sneaky behaviour of slipping under the radar that did him in. Spotty was lounging under a parked car when the driver, without realising there was a dog underneath, took the car out for a spin.

Kamna came home to break the news to me and I broke down, knowing that I’d never love a dog as much as I loved Spotty.

I don’t have pictures with Spotty, I could only find this one via my cousin, and this is something I’ve always regretted. However, in the eye of my mind I can still see young Spotty running to greet me, his white-brown tail wagging against my leg in all its glory.

RIP, Spot. You’re gone but never forgotten.

Author: Nishtha Kanal

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