Spark of our lives

I was never a dog person. I would try and stay steps away from pets. My younger sister was just the opposite. She would play with stray dogs all the time. So, our street dogs would be around the gate of my house most of the times. In order to stop her from playing with dogs, carrying various infections, my parents decided to get her a pet. My mother wasn’t supportive of getting a pet in the beginning, because she’d had a street dog as a pet in her childhood and she knew the grief that accompanied when she lost her.

I was against getting a pet, because I was scared of holding a creature that breathes, smells, licks, carries sharp looking teeth and displays unpredictable behavior. But somehow, my sister succeeded in convincing me, and we ended up getting a chocolate brown lab. For the first time I held him in my hand, my sister asked me to look into his eyes and I did. And I fell in love with him. We named him Spark, because he got spark in our lives and we proudly tell everybody that we literally got “Spark” in our lives. There are endless tales that I can share about him…

He gives us the best grand welcome at the doorstep…I am sure nobody in this world might have felt so loved and wanted. He gives unconditionally, makes me feel as if I finally did the right thing by coming home to him. He complains, in his own way, about my absence, but will still sit next to me, showering love. He questions like a father when I leave home or come home late. He speaks and shows disapproval when we have arguments at home. He leaves a room and sits in his kingdom (below my parent’s bed) when he gets disturbed by the laughter and constant blabbering. He doesn’t leave the drawing room if I am alone with a stranger/new person. He scares and shoos people he finds negative. He occupies the center place in the drawing room, when he wants to be in the limelight. He knows when you are talking about him. He recognizes the sound of our vehicles before they enter the lane. He competes with my parents on a snoring competition every night. He knows when I am sad. He holds me when I cry and weep.

Sometimes he cries too. I remember the day we lost my fiancé, he cried and questioned my father that why didn’t he get him back. I felt as if he was questioning God’s action on my behalf. He knew when my grandparents died, and knew exactly how to behave that day. He knows everything. He is my family, my world. The best person on this earth, maybe. Imagining a life without him sends shivers, scares me, and brings tears to my eyes. Spark has made us a better family..made me a better person. Thanks Spark.

Author: Ruchi Trivedi