Stella, my soulmate


Stella, my soulmate, my refuge, is the biggest nut job on the planet. She lives to destroy anything she can get her hands on, including all my underwear. But I stand defeated against her adorable face. The therapeutic feel of her ears to the kisses on her silly little snout that have been god knows where are the best parts of my day.

When I got her she was a terror but now I can’t imagine life without the little shadow following me everywhere in the house, sitting outside the kitchen door while I cook, because food is her most favorite thing on this planet (yes, more than me, much to my chagrin!). Her energy beats any other on this planet. She’s probably the biggest dichotomy on this planet. She can have a moment of insane energy where she runs about like a deranged fool trying to get rid of the energy like shedding clothes, but she can also sit quietly by the window and watch the trees like some Zen master. I’d like to think she knows me and she makes me happy when I’m sad and happier when I’m happy. It’s possible she doesn’t have a clue but she lights up my days anyway.

Author: Stephanie