Hello People!

I am Tarzan, a Rottweiler male,

You will all love to hear my tale,

Feared by all – I am the only one,

They say, if you have one of my kind – you should also have a gun.


I am a banned breed in many places,

They have even wiped out my traces,

Hey this is not fair – all your minds are clogged,

Coz’ I am an absolutely loving dog.


When I was born, I was the tinniest of the litter,

But today I have surpassed them all and grown fitter,

When I came to my master, they wondered how I would turn out to be,

But I am sure that they are all very proud of me.


When I came to my master, I was a very unruly dog,

Climb over tables and eat like a hog,

I would run away from home and give people a scare,

Coz everyone thought – I was a bear.


But as I grew, one fine day I realized,

My master’s love I had never tried,

I gradually came out of the ‘Running Away’ Syndrome,

Coz there’s nothing in this world – Better than Home.


Now I have grown into a thorough gentleman and a majestic stud,

The most adored and the most loved,

Easy to keep, all I do is eat and sleep,

But as you all know from the above story – ‘STILL WATERS RUN DEEP’.

Tarzan passed away on July 30th 2013. He was 12 years old. 

Author: Vinita Patil