She knows when you’re going to come back home from office, she gets worried if I’m even 15 minutes late. She sleeps till I sleep, and she wakes me up with a good morning lick on my face. She then runs to the mother, and it’s symbolic for mom to make coffee for me. Even for mom, her first chore now is to make food for Wawa. Wawa, meaning baby in Malayalam, is a mix of Dalmatian and a Sheep Dog. Yeah, she’s got the spots and she’s got the fur!

She loves her rope toy, and to our surprise is very disciplined and follows everything we say.

Every Saturday is treat day for Wawa. She waits for dad to come back from work and diligently checks his bag for she knows he will have a treat for her. And, if he forgets, oh if dad forgets the treat day, we have Wawa’s disappointed face to deal with for the rest of the evening.

Wawa’s adorable, loves company, she’s so close to all of us. She loves getting clicked, quite a girl, eh, and she loves hi-5’ing. A big hi-5 to Wawa, my love.

Author: Sumit Kurup