Tyson Gaekwad

Tyson's birthday treat

Birthday treat

Day Date he was born: 14th February
Came home on: 2nd May, 2013
My name: Tyson Gaekwad
My master: He was our master
My favorite toy: His leash
My favorite treat: A good piece of bone

My favorite place to nap:
 Near the door where the breeze would come in
Cutest trick: Tyson would sing along whenever anyone played the harmonica.
Naughiest thing done: He was always ready to pose when the camera was taken out.

Most outrageous thing done: He was more human than any of us.

What my dog taught me: To give unconditional love.

Message for him: Be at peace wherever you are.

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  • Commonly I would not read through documents in websites. I would want to say that this write-up forced my family to read through and implement every word! Your own way of writing has stunned my family. Thank you, very nice posting.

  • woof with luv a lovely concept, good compilation dedicately done, in tysons case there was no woof -waf-woh woh. there was different sounds & stretched notations for every one, his harmonica accompaniment developed in lot of musical variations depending on music played.

    i m not the net web fb type . today just removed the dust from the face book & it was a pleasure to c ur creation & tyson singh gaekwad. MADE MY DAY ” GOD BLESS YOU” keep in touch.

    • Ruchika says

      Thank you so much uncle. It means a lot to me that you liked the website and Tyson’s post. I have heard so many stories of Tyson’s crooning with the harmonica.. :-)

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